Every morning before I get my day going, I go and stand in front of my oil shelf & pick an oil to get my day going. I have my everyday oils that I go to throughout the day but today this one was calling to me something fierce.

It makes me feel balanced and things seem much more clear and vibrant. I put a couple drops on my wrists and over my heart and I love to cup my hands and take in the rest of the aroma before going on with my day.

It has an overwhelming peacefulness about it.

Made with white fir, black spruce, ylang ylang, pine, cedarwood, angelica & juniper, it’s perfect for diffusing or topical application (as I like) for relaxation, meditation, etc.

🤳🏽what oil did you reach for first today?

Ready to start your oily journey? Click here for more information🌿

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