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On this colder than I’d like it to be, somewhat rainy day, I went to take a break from writing one of my last undergrad papers.  As I put down my laptop, I go to pick up my IPhone. Of course I did the typical scroll through Facebook and Instagram until it occurred to me how seldom it is for me to unplug.

Earlier year I was uber proud of myself for deleting my Pinterest, Twitter and Snapchat. I had made myself a promise to limit my social media intake but I was still logging on more than I was logging off just on less social media outlets. Ultimately, I came back to Snapchat (for the filters- I’m not even going to act like I don’t like them) for a time and then deleted it again and created a new Twitter to be able to connect my blog to the hashtag-loving Twitter world. It’s crazy to think about how much time we spend on our phones, like absolutely insane. But it happens. Whether you’re spending hours watching videos on YouTube, pinning items to your Pinterest boards, or tweeting on Twitter up a storm, social media is always available…literally always. Originally created to connect the world more closely (which I’d like to think has happened in many ways), it has also very much disconnected us as well. Going out to restaurants, you see more couples than not on their phone (we’re guilty of it too). On vacation, you see most everyone glued to their phones as phones have taken the place of cameras obviously but still with folks primarily posting then and there (again, guilty of this too). Remember the days of using the camera on your trips then coming home and uploading them the old-fashion way through the computer? I hardly do myself, but it definitely used to be the norm.

For instance, one of the major reasons I left my sales position in automotive was due to this…NOT BEING ABLE TO PUT THE PHONE DOWN. It’s easier than it used to be, it’s not my only livelihood working wise as I once thought it was. While this past year has been much better in regards to not staying as plugged in, this is something I’ve had to work on. It’s like any other habit to be frank.

Over the past year, I feel as though I have grown a bit, simply by putting my phone down and being more present in the moment. Whether that be by not posting on Instagram as much to not checking in on Yelp or Facebook, I’ve worked at putting the phone down more than merely picking it up.

Staying plugged in may be the new social norm, but you’re more often than not missing the plug on what’s going on around you in the process.

How do you decide to stay plugged in versus not throughout your week?

I would love to hear some feedback on this topic.

P.S.- This was meant to be posted a month ago, but I got sidetracked, most likely by being too plugged in….if that tells you anything.

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Confessions of an Online Shopping Queen



As someone who’s been an avid online shopper, there’s a couple sites that will either save you more money or give you cash back for purchasing through their websites. No matter how you choose to see it, that’s automatically more money to shop with in the long haul.




They have everything from Kate Spade to Amazon.com to Kohl’s and then some. While I may not shop as frequently as I used to online is still my go to and that’s where Ebates comes in. I’ve made back over $250 in checks from Ebates in just the past couple years. I have friends who shop much more avidly than me and they’ve been sent back much more.

It works as simple as you typing in the store you wish to shop and once you find it, it will give you how much of a percentage back you get on purchases. Sometimes they have promo codes for additional discounts and free shipping as well. You click on the link and continue shopping as you once were. They have promo codes as well for inviting your friends and family to join as well. My link is below if you’re interested in checking it out.

Ebates Referral Link

retail me not

Can’t find the discount you’re looking for on Ebates and tired of surfing the web for discounts??? Retail Me Not has you covered. There’s no strings attached, no personal information to input, nada. You simply go to the site and type in the store you’re looking for and you have all the available discounts that have been loaded for that store, followed by expiration dates and whether other consumers such as yourself voted it working or not.

In recent times, they have moved into Ebates.com’s territory by offering consumers a free account in which you can earn cash back by shopping through them but I have not tried it. This is not mandatory to find store discount codes on their site.

Retail Me Not

There are tons of sites to which you can check out to find online shopping deals through, why not check out two of most reliable?



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Mind Strong. Body Strong.

As a woman who’s spent over half her life thicker than a snicker despite being a former athlete, I’ve tried almost every trend out there to lose/maintain weight. I’m talking everything except an eating disorder (not a joking matter, not to be taken as such). Beachbody, Visalus, Advocare, Atkins, low carb, all veggie, juicing, even doctor prescribed Phentermine a couple different times over the years just to name a few..

Want to know a secret???
They all work!!! Every single one of them with a bit of consistency.
When it came down to it, there was a variety of factors that contributed to my weight gain and loss over the years. It would take an entirely different blog post to get through them all…

The biggest reason it came down to was the mental part of it. My mentality wasn’t where I needed it to be and I was always losing weight or trying to get fit for the wrong reasons.

Once I worked on myself mentally and broke down the whys each time I went on this fitness journey and then tore down my inconsistencies on the way, I was able to make progress (still for that matter). Once I changed my outlook on this journey that should have simply been a lifestyle change, great things started happening. Physically, it hasn’t been immediate. It’s been small changes here and there. But that, in itself is progress.

  1. Find your why. This shouldn’t be for anyone, but you for you. Why did you gain the weight? What were some of the factors that caused it? Contrary to popular belief it’s not always eating garbage that causes. Sometimes it’s eating too much, too little, the wrong time of the day, inactivity. There’s so much more to it than that. How did you get to where you are? It may take some time, but once you start digging you will find it. To never get back to where you are, it’s important to find out how you got there to begin with.
  2. Get your mind right & your body will follow. The body will do whatever the mind tells it to, that’s for certain, but if you don’t get your mind right first, there’s no telling how long that will last.
  3. Find a form of fitness that works for you. I’m not a runner and I’ve never been a big fan. Boxing was my cardio for a number of years until I found excuses over time to get in the gym. Spin is now my happy place and I love every minute of it. But it’s not about me, what’s trending, what your friends are doing, etc. Try a little bit of everything to find what you enjoy.
  4. Whatever you do, choose moderation. Eating what you wish/choose, exercise, etc. That goes for everything and believe me I’m not very good at moderation either. I definitely feel like carbie most days, it happens.

You have one life and one body. Love yourself and your body every step along the way to a better you however YOU choose fit.

*Disclaimer: I’m not a fitness or health professional, these are just a few things I learned over the years, mostly the hard way.

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  Everything Zen.

My happy place is a dark place. A place where the lights flicker on & off for anywhere from 45-60 minutes. A place where I can leave everything at the door. That’s right… the good, the bad, the uncertain… all at the door. A place where I can open my mind, inhale goodness, exhale the The extremities that can make their way into our lives from time to time. A place where I can get completely in my zone, when I’m typically trying to live beyond it, with over 25 other people doing the same thing in their own way. This place is spin..

CycleYou Lexington
For the obvious reason of high intensity cardio aside, considering I loathe running with a passion, I give it all I’ve got for almost an hour. I work to beat the woman I was yesterday. It’s intense, it’s non-stop from start to finish, it’s like certain moments in our life. And when it’s over, I am at complete peace with myself. I feel centered. I feel zen.

As it is with life, it’s your time, it’s your ride…. and this is mine. 

CycleBar at The Summit at Fritz Farm

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Be On Yelp..

Ever been on vacation or taking a weekend trip and you want to maximize your time while enjoying the best local food spots and visiting some of the best underground attractions??!! Absofreakinglutely is almost always the answer! Whether you’re a weekend warrior like myself or you do the 1-2 weeks of travel a year, most people want to get the most bang for the buck and not waste their time on lame things to do or less than scrumptious meals on-the-go. This is where Yelp comes in!!

While on vacation in Miami Beach, Florida a little over two years ago, we found ourselves in this predicament. I hadn’t been to Miami Beach in almost 9 years and while a few things stuck out to me, it was primarily the beach and a few of the attractions in the area. We stopped at this little oceanfront restaurant, we were a little blinded by the view of the beach. Needless to say, the two-for-one drink specials were ridiculously expensive and horrendous in taste, the food was way overpriced for what we received and the service was a joke. We spent over $100 for a horrible experience. I wasn’t a huge fan of Trip Advisor but found an app called Yelp that quickly became a favorite of mine. The restaurant we had the horrible experience at mentioned above had horrible reviews and of course I went on and added mine to the mix. But to think, all of that maybe could have been avoided..thanks to Yelp.

  1. Food, hotels, attractions, even gas stations could be found on there. Unsure of where to stay in an area, they’ve got you covered. Unsure of attractions in the area, they’ve got you covered. Want to try some local favorites while you’re away from home, they’ve got you covered. Not a fan of unknown restaurants and enjoy sticking to national chains, they’ve got you covered. Literally everything you can think of is on Yelp, right at your fingertips. Reviews are packed with information on the places you’re looking for, pictures and tips to give you all the information you’re looking for.
  2. You can bookmark your favorites. I have at the very least 6-7 boards jam-packed with my personal favorites based on the locations we visit most. I have a Lexington one for local places, Nashville, Chicago, and Las Vegas, just to name a few. No more trying to remember where you’ve been when the app can save that information for you without taking up unwanted data on your phone.
  3. Looking for a new restaurant to try… type hot and new restaurants in the search based on the location you’re looking for. Tired of the same ole’ date night go-to spots, simply do the above and the restaurants that have been reviewed, checked into, pictured, etc will generate for you in a flash. This is always helpful to us when we’re trying to figure out a new place to go.
  4. All the freebies.  Yes there’s freebies and lots of them, you just have to know where to look. Restaurants in particularly are always looking for new customers. Often restaurants will offer a free coffee or drink, appetizer or dessert simply by checking in on your Yelp app. You simply mark the offer as used once shown to your server or they get a manager to check it.
  5. My personal favorite….the Yelp Events. All you have to do is rsvp and you get an email that you’re in or on the waiting list. We have a kick ass community leader that keeps us in the loop! The events are free and often times your community leader will introduce the manager and/or owner of the establishment and they will have a great tasting menu of items for you and others to try. These are great events filled with stellar folks that you’ll have the opportunity to socialize with while you Yelp your experience.

Interested in joining?! Download the app and get to Yelping! It’s also available on desktop for those that don’t prefer top have/use the app.


Feel free to connect with me at the link below and I’ll see you on Yelp!


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