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My happy place is a dark place. A place where the lights flicker on & off for anywhere from 45-60 minutes. A place where I can leave everything at the door. That’s right… the good, the bad, the uncertain… all at the door. A place where I can open my mind, inhale goodness, exhale the The extremities that can make their way into our lives from time to time. A place where I can get completely in my zone, when I’m typically trying to live beyond it, with over 25 other people doing the same thing in their own way. This place is spin..

CycleYou Lexington
For the obvious reason of high intensity cardio aside, considering I loathe running with a passion, I give it all I’ve got for almost an hour. I work to beat the woman I was yesterday. It’s intense, it’s non-stop from start to finish, it’s like certain moments in our life. And when it’s over, I am at complete peace with myself. I feel centered. I feel zen.

As it is with life, it’s your time, it’s your ride…. and this is mine. 

CycleBar at The Summit at Fritz Farm

Everything Else

Top 5 Reasons You Should Be On Yelp..

Ever been on vacation or taking a weekend trip and you want to maximize your time while enjoying the best local food spots and visiting some of the best underground attractions??!! Absofreakinglutely is almost always the answer! Whether you’re a weekend warrior like myself or you do the 1-2 weeks of travel a year, most people want to get the most bang for the buck and not waste their time on lame things to do or less than scrumptious meals on-the-go. This is where Yelp comes in!!

While on vacation in Miami Beach, Florida a little over two years ago, we found ourselves in this predicament. I hadn’t been to Miami Beach in almost 9 years and while a few things stuck out to me, it was primarily the beach and a few of the attractions in the area. We stopped at this little oceanfront restaurant, we were a little blinded by the view of the beach. Needless to say, the two-for-one drink specials were ridiculously expensive and horrendous in taste, the food was way overpriced for what we received and the service was a joke. We spent over $100 for a horrible experience. I wasn’t a huge fan of Trip Advisor but found an app called Yelp that quickly became a favorite of mine. The restaurant we had the horrible experience at mentioned above had horrible reviews and of course I went on and added mine to the mix. But to think, all of that maybe could have been avoided..thanks to Yelp.

  1. Food, hotels, attractions, even gas stations could be found on there. Unsure of where to stay in an area, they’ve got you covered. Unsure of attractions in the area, they’ve got you covered. Want to try some local favorites while you’re away from home, they’ve got you covered. Not a fan of unknown restaurants and enjoy sticking to national chains, they’ve got you covered. Literally everything you can think of is on Yelp, right at your fingertips. Reviews are packed with information on the places you’re looking for, pictures and tips to give you all the information you’re looking for.
  2. You can bookmark your favorites. I have at the very least 6-7 boards jam-packed with my personal favorites based on the locations we visit most. I have a Lexington one for local places, Nashville, Chicago, and Las Vegas, just to name a few. No more trying to remember where you’ve been when the app can save that information for you without taking up unwanted data on your phone.
  3. Looking for a new restaurant to try… type hot and new restaurants in the search based on the location you’re looking for. Tired of the same ole’ date night go-to spots, simply do the above and the restaurants that have been reviewed, checked into, pictured, etc will generate for you in a flash. This is always helpful to us when we’re trying to figure out a new place to go.
  4. All the freebies.  Yes there’s freebies and lots of them, you just have to know where to look. Restaurants in particularly are always looking for new customers. Often restaurants will offer a free coffee or drink, appetizer or dessert simply by checking in on your Yelp app. You simply mark the offer as used once shown to your server or they get a manager to check it.
  5. My personal favorite….the Yelp Events. All you have to do is rsvp and you get an email that you’re in or on the waiting list. We have a kick ass community leader that keeps us in the loop! The events are free and often times your community leader will introduce the manager and/or owner of the establishment and they will have a great tasting menu of items for you and others to try. These are great events filled with stellar folks that you’ll have the opportunity to socialize with while you Yelp your experience.

Interested in joining?! Download the app and get to Yelping! It’s also available on desktop for those that don’t prefer top have/use the app.


Feel free to connect with me at the link below and I’ll see you on Yelp!


My Old Kentucky Home’s Local Foodie


Life Lessons

Four Paws and a Squeaker.

Growing up, I never grew up with any pets. Probably explains a lot I’m sure, but nope. The closest I ever had gotten to that was at the ripe old age of three, maybe four. Beethoven was one of my favorite movies at the time. Who didn’t love that HUGE Saint Bernard and all of his lovins’ he had to offer??!! My grandparents surprised me with a black lab puppy from the neighbors down the road from them. I lived in an apartment back then in town, looking back I think it’s more or less Mom didn’t want an indoor dog and so Beethoven became the sweetest farm dog you ever saw. I remember driving him around in my tricycle, him jumping in the pond; we were the best of friends. One day, playing fetch I grabbed the toy too soon and he got my finger. It broke skin, scared the bejesus out of me, and that was that. It didn’t make it any better having a hover mother for a mom. No one explained to my recollection that it was an accident and off I went. He was more of my grandfathers pup anyways considering he spent most of his time around him. What did I know? I couldn’t have been more than four at the time.

Flash forward a few years…. Fish were a welcome pet in both of my parents homes. I LOVED going to Walmart to pick them out. I always picked too many and I always wanted them all. One day, I probably had 7 goldfish in a tank (they all had names), and we were making the typical trip from Georgetown to Brandenburg, from dad’s to moms. Before choir practice that night, I put the special drops in the water (to purify it unaware I was to take them out first). I’m not exactly sure what happened, but I know I didn’t do it correctly (apparently). I couldn’t have been more than seven or eight at the time and after leaving the room to change clothes, I came back to find a few of them floating at the top of the tank. God it was awful. In a blubbering mess we saved a few but I didn’t want anymore fish after that. I had come to think that maybe my parents were right and I wasn’t cut out for it.

Flash forward the rest of my life and here I am… I went the rest of my days between them and now pet-less (minus a beta fish named Louie a few years back). Between my past experiences and the fact that neither parent was a fan of having indoor pets I wasn’t trying it out for myself. I always loved to rip, roar and run. I never understood why folks would get a small being they constantly have to take care of/it simply wasn’t something I was accustom to. The older I got the more I began reconsidering but I just couldn’t get myself to commit. If there was anything I knew/still know about myself it was that I WASN’T going to be that person that got a cute, cuddly furbaby and not be prepared/have to re-home not too long after. Timing has never been my forte, but I certainly wasn’t going to embark on this journey prior to being ready or at the very least be home more. I had always been a people person and while I loved animals, it wasn’t something I saw for myself.

After dating my boyfriend for a number of years,  we had come to dance around the subject of adopting. He grew up with a mixture of dogs and  cats. Never had a stray around that wasn’t fed. After volunteering at a few events with Lexington Humane Society, I KNEW going to a breeder was absolutely out of the question. I started quietly looking online at their website, not saying anything to him on it. When we found our Giulia she had been listed at LHS for at/almost over a month. After calling to confirm she was still there, once he came home from work we went. She had been saved from a kill shelter across the state and a parvo survivor. She had been passed up by many on the first contact list, as shepherd mixes are in high demand. During our meet and greet, she had been so excited to play with this squeaky yellow ball and was incredibly loving and sweet. It was love at first sight and we had to take her home with us.

Those first few weeks, I started questioning what i had actually been missing out on my whole life.  We were so thankful to have her but it felt almost as though she felt the same. That’s the thing about rescuing a furbaby. I quickly came to realize while I might have been a people person my whole life, it took a pup to teach me a thing or two about love.

You see whether we like it or not, people almost always love with a condition. It’s not like that with animals. They may be a part of your world but to them, especially those who are rescued, you are their world. No matter how your days been, no matter what happened, they are always happy to see you when you walk through the door. While we’d like to think that’s how it is with our loved ones and such, sometimes we’re clouded and even foggy with the stresses of life and it’s never that way for your pup. Giulia has taught me an incredible lesson about a human beings capacity to love and to care for another. It has taught me we have so much more to give than what we do and that affection, compassion, love and attention are all free gifts that we often overlook time and time again giving out to scarcely when we really haven’t even began to open our minds and hearts. When it came to toys, squeakers have come to be her favorite, but the material toys are nothing compared to a good ear or belly rub or just laying in our laps for a nap.  She specifically taught me I have more to give than I thought and I plan on doing just that.

Volunteering at the humane society makes me want to bring home all of the furbabies. My boyfriend was recently away for work and I spotted a 9 week old shepherd mix that looks like it could have been Giulia’s sister. I had decided to sleep on it a night to think it over. The day I decided to go up there she had been adopted just a bit before. Walking by the kittens on my way out, I made eye contact with one of them. He meowed and upon holding him I knew he had to be ours.

Winston has been quite the little kitten.

And to think it all started out with four paws and a squeaker.

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Open Letter To The Woman Who Is Her Own Worst Critic

Dear Miss,

Hello there miss perfectionist, miss independent, miss I can do it all. Yes, I’m talking to you!

Life has a funny way of getting away from us sometimes. Before you know it, you’re 27 years old, can’t wait to get home after a long day just to take your pants off, eat a bowl of mac and cheese (what I meant to say was a kale chicken caesar, but really I meant mac and cheese), and breath a minute. Then before you know it a couple of hours have passed and you’re silently muttering sh**, sh**, sh** as you try to find your textbook to complete a last minute assignment that you swore you wouldn’t wait til the last minute to do. At this point you’re up way past your bedtime regretting you didn’t do it sooner then dreading the next day to get up and do the same thing all over again. When you finally get to bed, it’s as though Google Chrome updated in the middle of your assignment and without asking your brain conveniently pops up every single tab that’s been on your mind that day: how hard you worked, what you could have done better, this, that, and every other thing. It happens. Life happens.

Stop being so hard on yourself. Okay so yeah, we all have this somewhat vision of what our lives are going to be like at 18, 21, 25 and so on. Then you got there and it’s not at all what you thought or planned or considered ideal for yourself. Am I right? It happens to all of us in some form or fashion. Ultimately, where you sit is where you are at this current point in your life. Does that define you? NO. Does that mean you a failure?? HELL NO. Does that mean you will remain where you are the rest of your life & this is it??? ONLY IF YOU CHOOSE IT. Set realistic expectations for yourself and a healthy timeline to complete them in. Not everything can be accomplished in one day contrary to what we sometimes tell ourselves. Arrows move in one direction and that’s forward. We’ve all had a speed bump in the road from time to time, don’t let that define you. You are more than that and you are exactly where you need to be for today but don’t stop moving and keeping on.

It’s okay that you don’t have all the answers, nobody does.  We’re human. Every day we’re growing and evolving, hopefully into better versions of our self. Reach out to your parents, a mentor, etc. Don’t feel like talking it out. Start reading, find a hobby, something you can totally immerse yourself in. Sitting and overthinking as to why you don’t consistently have your shit together at this point in your life is not the answer, you’ll simply be wasting your time.

Appearances are not always as they seem. While social media has a lot to do with this, stop comparing yourself to others. Your size, your looks, your house, your vehicle, your job/career choices. Some may say money is the root of all evils, I say envy is. The grass will ALWAYS be greener on the other side (EVERY SIDE) if you’re not busy watering your own. You will never be happy with what you have if you are looking continuously at what everyone else has. No matter what that may be, be thankful for what you do have, what you’re aspiring to be and achieve. Someone, somewhere is wishing to have just a little portion of what you have going on in your life while you sit there thinking what you have or don’t have is simply not enough. Stop looking for that destination in which you will finally be satisfied. Learn to appreciate where you’ve been and where you are, while looking forward to where you’re going.

Learn to say no from time to time. Stop spreading yourself so thin, giving the best of yourself to others, saving nothing for yourself. Sometimes we find ourselves giving so much energy to people, things, etc that don’t deserve it. Take a step back, sometimes we truly can’t see the forest for the trees. This applies to everyone differently, but ultimately understand that time is precious and you cannot get it back.

Ask for help from time to time, you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Being stubborn as a mule, all of my life, it took me years to understand being strong  truly means knowing when to reach for another’s hand and sometimes we can return the favor and other times we simply have to pay it forward.

And for the love of everything, stop trying to please every damn body. You will never achieve this. Spending years in sales, giving client after client, the best customer service I had to offer, I always fell short with at least one. With friends, I have always had a diverse group of friends, so many different interests and hobbies, you’re going to disagree from time to time and you’re not always going to be on the same page. Get over it. It happens and that my dear is life. Do the best you can and move on.

You have the same 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week that everyone else in this world has. Use that time the way you see fit, to the best of your ability. If you are doing simply that. How can you do anything more?



The Woman Who Has Been Her Own Worst Critic


Life Lessons

27 Realizations From a 27 Year Old Millennial For Every Twenty-Something

ferris wheel

Life goes ever so quickly. One minute you’re in participating in Jump Rope for Heart in elementary school next minute you’re eating Taco Bell after leaving Two Keys on a Thirsty Thursday (is that even still a thing??). The past two years have had their fair share of ups and their moments of downs as well. Over the years, these are the lessons I found to be most beneficial that I only wish I knew coming into my twenties.

The Punch Line

  1. There will come a day when you can no longer Hank It like you used too…. Even though I have been told over and over again that drinking is not a skill I refuse to believe it. In my extremely late teens to early twenties, Hanking It was a weekly tradition. That’s one shot of whiskey for every time Justin Moore sings Hank It. We used to do this several times per night, a couple nights in a row, especially during tailgating season. Just a few weeks ago, we took shots with water.
  2. Hangovers are a real thing apparently.. know your limits and know them well. By the time you reach your mid-late twenties, you’ll wake up feeling like a dazed and confused camel in the middle of the Sahara desert if you don’t  from the night before. As someone who’s always been able to handle their liquor (THANK YOU LIVER), it may be a hard concept to grasp, but the day will come and then you’ll know exactly what I am talking about.
  3. Nightlife will soon become your new favorite spectator event… You’ll have those moments when you go out for ladie’s night or just a night out with friends and you’ll find yourself people watching. At that moment, you’ll find yourself wondering if you ever acted like that or mortified at times saying that was never you… I assure you by all accounts you most likely have been there and done that. *sighs*


4.  You meet a lot of temporary people in your twenties. When it comes to friendships I never lacked in variety. I had several different groups of people I enjoyed hanging out with and I never limited myself in that regard. Looking back, most weren’t friends, they were acquaintances. The sooner you learn the difference, the better. Not everyone who smiles in your face is your friend. There are people that are around to feed the soil so to speak others are there to pick the fruit. If you’re lucky, you will make some lifelong friendships in the process though.

5. Not every friendship is a forever friendship. There are friends for a reason, friends for a season and everything in between. Life gets busy. People change. They change every day as do you, as do I. People get closer. People grow apart. Learn when to hold them and when to walk away. Friendships like any other relationship require time and attention. I’ve been thankful for those that I have had over the years that understood those things as I have with them. But it requires making an effort, people always find a way to make time for those they care about. It may be a text, phone call, quick coffee date, etc but they make time. If you find yourself drifting into separate directions, care enough to have the conversation, if it’s important to you. Ultimately, learn to walk away from the toxic ones in the process. Toxicity is never good, no matter the situation, No one needs that kind of negativity.

6. Is it too late now to say sorry?… The answer is always NO. Many say pride goes before the fall and that it does. Live and let go. People make mistakes. Making the same mistake, more than once then becomes a decision. Learn to admit when you are wrong even if the other person has a hard time doing so. Burned bridges are not the way to go. Yes, things happen. But if there’s anything I’ve learned in this regard, apologize and move on. You may not ever be friends again, let alone best friend status, but forgiveness is a powerful thing and the world needs more healing no matter how small or big the indiscretion.

7.  Find your tribe. Growing up, I remember my dad always asking me who I was hanging around, what their goals where, what they wanted to do with their lives, etc. I remember huffing and puffing that I was just having fun and that didn’t matter at the time. It always matters. You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Think of those 5 people, maybe more, maybe less and think about what you share in common. Is this a positive or negative influence on your life? It’s important to surround yourself with people that lift you higher and that you can do so in return as well. It may be with similar goals, lifestyles, interests, etc.

8. If you’re a friend, truly be a friend. Be the kind of person you need in your life. Treat them the way you wish to be treated. Never lose sight of that. Being a friend means being there for them, knowing that people are constantly evolving as are you and never passing judgement. I’m not Willy Wonka, but hey there’s a time and a place for everything. For people to say that words don’t hurt. Sometimes they do. I almost lost a near and dear friend to me once out of immaturity. My words were like daggers and not to mention what I had something to say on was none of my business. If I hadn’t been such a judgmental individual about it, maybe that person would have felt open to share. Thankfully it’s water under the bridge now, but that never should have happened.


9. Learn the difference between love & lust. Millennials… we’re the generation notorious for being the hook-up culture, moving on to quickly, and not knowing how to commit. I can only imagine what the grandchildren might say one day, “Papaw and Mamaw both swiped right and they lived happily ever after.” I’m sorry, what? Perhaps Tinder could work for some but I don’t imagine too many success stories coming from that. Now to say that you only love someone for what’s on the inside, I can’t entirely agree. You have to somewhat be attracted to them, at least a little. Lust says I can’t wait to sleep with you, love says I also can’t wait to wake up next to you the next day as well. Sleeping together does not mean that person loves you. Always keep that in mind that just because the chemistry is there doesn’t mean there’s anything else of substance. It takes a lot more than two good looking people with a great sex life to make a relationship last.

10. Timing is everything. There are so many variables that go into having a worthwhile relationship but I’ve met so many people that didn’t work out because of the timing due to one thing or another.

11. You cannot expect them to love you, if they don’t love themselves. You simply cannot expect someone to give something they don’t have. Nor can you expect them to truly be able to love you if they haven’t taken the time to love themselves first. Time heals, love heals, forgiveness heals but it all starts with yourself.

12. You can and most likely will fall in love more than once. As someone who is living proof of this, it’s totally possible. There are 2 billion people in the world, you honestly think there’s only one person ever that you’re supposed to love? Now, I’m not saying you won’t get lucky on the first go around and they won’t be the love of your life, but it’s highly likely that you will. So don’t give up hope, if you haven’t found the love of your life.

13. There are certain individuals that you will forever share a connection with even if they are no longer in your life. Remember that whole you can and most likely will fall in love more than once in your life? Yes, I’m talking about that. People get together. People break up. Sometimes you’re not good for them and sometimes vice versa. Sometimes the timing is off. Maybe one person or both wasn’t ready. Maybe you never even dated, which seems to happen more than we’d all like to admit with our generation. No matter the reason, sometimes you don’t get closure. Sometimes, it’s not a clean break. Life is not always black and white. Love, attraction, certain indescribable feelings and emotions don’t always go away. But people move on and that is a small part of the beauty of life. You’ll save yourself a ton of trouble by understanding that revisiting those individuals often solves nothing and it’s almost like re-reading one of your old favorite novels… you’re expecting a different outcome even though you already know the ending.

14. Relationship are meant to be in between the two people having it, no one elseAnd also the good Lord above in my case but often times people forget this. It’s about what their parents want, what their friends think, what society seems to deem just, etc. Social media hasn’t helped in this regard. I see WAY too much get posted about daily from getting together, to breaking up to getting back together. And unfortunately in my late teens til I was maybe 21, this was me too. Every time Facebook Memories pops up with something I posted between 6-9 years ago, I cringe, read and delete it. Oversharing is not caring and is not a good look. Not everyone needs to know your business and contrary to popular belief, most don’t give a shit about it to begin with, they just want to know to know.

15. There’s no such thing as the perfect partner, but don’t settle just to say you have someone. Every one has their quirks, it’s about knowing what you can live with versus what you cannot. There may be no such thing as the perfect partner but two very imperfect people can workout beautifully. In the same token, don’t waste your time or the person you’re with if you don’t want to be with them for the sake of not being alone.

16. Move at your own pace, not what society has deemed the norm. Ever dreamed of the perfect house, in the perfect neighborhood, with the 4 kids, perfect husband, a station wagon and the white picket fence? No? Me neither. Partially because it’s not the 1950’s anymore and partially because I haven’t. My boyfriend and I have been together 4 years in August. I’m one of the last of the mohicans as far as no spouse, no children and no fur-babies. This still doesn’t deter me from being happy where I am. If you want all of those things, right here and right now, I’m also screaming kudos to you as well. At the end of the day not everyone has the same ideals or goals as everyone else, let alone same timeline. Go at your own pace and take your time. It’s not a race and there are no trophies once all of those items are completed.


17. Your parents only want what’s best for you. No, my mother and grandmother didn’t want my 18-year-old self back in the day to be out on a Friday night and they would call anywhere from 40-56 times during the course of an evening to prove their point. My father always encouraged school before everything because education was believed to be the foundation to a successful career. You may question their methods/wonder if they were ever your age no matter what age you are, but in their eyes, you’ll never not be their child and they only want better for you than what they had themselves. They only wish to teach you the lessons they learned in their life so you don’t have to make the same mistakes they did.

18. You may be getting older but your parents and grandparents are too. Make time for them as they did for you. The older I get, one of the things I truly regret is how I could have better spent some of my time and more of it would be with them. Thankfully, I have made much more of an effort to do so these past several years but my early twenties was much less than I would have liked to.


19. Build a career around what you love. Life is too short to spend a big bulk of your week, every week, for multiple years doing something your heart is not in. Sounds cliche’ maybe but follow your arrow and you’ll never regret it. You’ll never wish spending too much time doing something you don’t enjoy. Pursue something that sets your soul ablaze.

20. Find a work-life balance that works for youThe saying goes a little something like, “Don’t get so busy making a living, you forget to make a life.” Only you know the balance that will work for you but believe me time goes faster than you think and there’s nothing worse than looking up from the grind to realize you just blinked away a decent portion of your life.

21. Know the value in knowing your value. Embrace what you bring to the table and ask for what you desire within reason. If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no. Understand there will be companies you work for along the way that may not be where you stay but that may be the stepping stone that gets you to the next level. In the same regard, do not fear leaving a position you have outgrown or no longer have the heart for. It may take time to find that new position willing to give you an opportunity to prove your value, but it will be worth it in the end.


22. Forgive yourself & others throughout your life. We’ve all fallen down. We’ve all made mistakes. Just as you might ask God or the person you wronged to forgive you, you must forgive yourself as well. And then truly let it go. Holding onto yesterday’s regret does nothing but provide a negative in your life. Same goes for forgiving others as well.

23. Do your best but don’t be so hard on yourself. Being as ambitious and driven (and overly competitive to be completely honest) as I have been it’s often hard for me to relax no matter how much I’ve accomplished in a day or week or year and God forbid if I don’t measure up to something I thought I would for myself. I am my own worst critic. I have issues with moderation. I’m either balls to the wall or I have nothing for it at all. This is something I have been working on for some time because I often give my all into something until I get burned out. Learn to rest so you don’t quit and move on to something else. There’s no prize for finishing everything in one day. Because then what? You’ll find yourself right back where you started with a new goal or initiative. Set a pace for yourself and go for it, not at anyone else’s.

24. Accept people where they are, as they are, for who they are. The world is full of differences. Being judgmental and close-minded never got anyone anywhere. Be kind always, you never know what their life has been like or what struggles they are facing.

25. Be the change. Often I used to wonder how I, in small town Kentucky can make a difference. It’s a ripple effect. Set an example. Find a community cause or council and serve, give back. Be a voice. It all started with me though. Your thoughts become your words and those eventually become your actions. Follow your arrow and find your purpose. It’s not enough to talk about it, take action and follow through. Working in the automotive industry, there was a great deal of stigma around it as a whole. It was my mission to change that perception, one customer at a time. Over 3 years time, I succeeded at this. It wasn’t about just making a sale, it was about providing great service and finding the right vehicle for the person I was serving. Leading by example, that incites change. Most recently, I joined the Junior League of Lexington and I only regret not joining sooner. The amount of opportunities to serve and give back to the community are unreal and they are everywhere. Start in your own backyard (so to speak). Do what you can, where you can.

26. Never take the time you have for granted. Tomorrow is never promised and we often take that for granted until someone we love has something happen to them. Don’t wait til then to wake up and start living. Someday isn’t a day of the week and sometimes that day never comes. Say what you need to say, do what you need to do. Live your life to the best of your ability within your means.

Cherry On Top

27. Stay unapologetically true to yourself. In a world full of fads and a media that praises trends made famous by celebrities, it may seem hard to resist at times.  Social media tends to have a habit of creating an image of people’s lives when in reality people only post or share what they want you to see. People are like onions, in the retrospect that they have layers and lots of them. Often what you see hardly scratches the surface. In a world of full of conformity, take the road less traveled. There’s no need to go around pretending to be someone you aren’t. It’s human nature to want to belong and essentially fit in, but by being yourself, you will attract the people that are right for your tribe. At the end of the day, you have to live with the person that you are, no one else.

Life Lessons


Kenny Rogers once sang you gotta know when to hold them, fold them, walk away and quickly speed walk away as well. (Okay so I said the last part because I’ll be damned if I’m running😊)

With that being said, always be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your souls on fire & if it’s not doing just that, have the courage to start over. It’s not inadequate to give something all you’ve got and decide it’s not for you. Life is far too short to let anything be satisfied in mediocrity. The only limitations that truly exist are the ones in the walls of your mind, if you break those bad boys down you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Know your value and never let anyone else but you determine that.🔥✌🏽🤘🏽

Girl Power

The Iron Lady 

In honor of International Women’s Day I want to take a moment to celebrate the late & great Margaret Thatcher. The woman deemed “The Iron Lady”. The woman who was a scientist for a number of years prior to studying law all the while she was pregnant with twins. The woman who lost twice prior to taking a seat in the Parliament. The woman who once said she didn’t believe she’d ever see a woman be Prime Minister in her lifetime that would ultimately be the first to do so & the longest reigning British Prime Minister in the 20th century. Never the less she persisted. Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.🔥🔥🔥 #TheIronLady #InternationalWomensDay #MargaretThatcher #WomenInBusiness #Passion #Ambition #BeTheChange #SoulFood #FollowYourArrow #BeYourOwnLight #StayTheCourse #IntentionalLiving #NotMerelyExisting #NeverthelessShePersisted