This past year was spent largely doing some soul searching, making some changes & tons of intentional living. Starting the 2017 new year off in Orlando definitely took the cake for one of the best New Years ever. Shenanigans in Nashville, NYC, Chicago & Vegas all made the cut. From Aladdin to Hamilton, Rock on … Continue reading Reflection.


The Plug.

On this colder than I'd like it to be, somewhat rainy day, I went to take a break from writing one of my last undergrad papers.  As I put down my laptop, I go to pick up my IPhone. Of course I did the typical scroll through Facebook and Instagram until it occurred to me … Continue reading The Plug.

Late Night Tip.

Some of the biggest lessons of my life were never remotely taught in the classroom. You can’t teach life experience, you’ve got to live it✌🏽 Yes, this was the Facebook status I concocted upon getting home tonight.... but there’s more to the story. On my drive home at 3am tonight, I began thinking about all … Continue reading Late Night Tip.

Learning The Difference Between Know & Known

It’s not always the ones who’ve known us the longest that have the best of intentions for us. Learn to let go of the stale, stagnant & sometimes toxic relationships you’ve kept over the years simply because you’ve “known” that person(s) forever. We all change, evolve, & grow in different facets throughout our lives, sometimes … Continue reading Learning The Difference Between Know & Known

Confessions of an Online Shopping Queen

  As someone who's been an avid online shopper, there's a couple sites that will either save you more money or give you cash back for purchasing through their websites. No matter how you choose to see it, that's automatically more money to shop with in the long haul.     They have everything from … Continue reading Confessions of an Online Shopping Queen

Caution There’s an Umbrella Involved.

...but only if you want it to be. Life is full of decisions. All of which lead us to where we are today. Some proceed life with caution. This is just as well as saying you'll always have a huge Yield sign in front of your face. Others choose to make their own way, avoiding … Continue reading Caution There’s an Umbrella Involved.

Necessities of Life

In the midst of cleaning the living room & kitchen for a family get together tonight, I spy Winston curled up in my fiance's duffel bag just napping away. We could stand to learn so much from our pets.. all they desire is love, a little bit of nourishment & a place to lay to … Continue reading Necessities of Life