A Mere Glimpse.

2019. It seems like just yesterday. But in a few years it will just fade in with the rest of them. Crazy how that happens, how time just simply goes on and it becomes another day, another month, just another year.

Last year was full of digging into the abyss. It was uncovering myself. Peeling back the layers. The masks if you will. As real as we all feel that we are, we all have them. It’s all based on the various levels of comfort we have: the public, our friends, our family, and ultimately those who get the more intimate front seat view into all the splendor, glory and madness we have flowing through our veins.

At the end of the day we’re all just human beings. At our core we crave community, connection, love and to be at the slightest a little bit understood.

Where things ultimately get messy lies in how we seek to attain them then keep them and over time nurture them to last whether it be in kinship, friendship or more. I used to have such a black and white view of life. The older I’ve gotten I’ve realized there’s so much more gray than we realize and everyone has a different variance of that.

Attempting to understand where people are coming from based on nature, nurture, environmental factors, different life experiences can be daunting at times and yet so many of the exhausting or even failed attempts to understand can be solved in by simply communicating with one another.

We all perceive others based on ourselves & our previous experiences whether we like to admit it or not. We say we’re open minded as long as the narrative fits our personal agenda (yes we all have one no matter how small).

When’s the last time you really saw someone in your life?

That in the moment… you took them all the way in? You can call it a vibe, an energy, their spirit, their feel, but you truly just saw them?

I want more than what I have been giving of myself as of late. That raw connection. It’s most definitely more attainable when we have a greater sense of self – into understanding how we are the way we are- what we’ve chosen- what we’ve allowed over the years etc.

☕️2020 goal for myself: take time to intentionally get to know those in my life a little better despite being in an age of instant gratification. Because at the end of the day we’re all a little more than our heading on the gram or 160 characters on twitter

May the same technology that was created to connect us more not take away from the actual human experience.

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