Recharge Your Battery.

Happy hump day folks🕰 so ready to shed the rainy day blues- you know... that tired, fatigue like feeling that hits you out of nowhere. Looking forward to some much needed meditation while diffusing Sacred Mountain today. This week has been nowhere as busy as the last. I purposely didn’t jam pack my evenings after … Continue reading Recharge Your Battery.


Oh The Trials.

Time travel would be great if you could go back to your first adversity, the moment that changed your course. Funny thing is your course has changed a million times over since then based on the choices you've actually made based on the choices you had no say in.. Life has an interesting way of … Continue reading Oh The Trials.


Change begins with you: your thoughts, your words, your actions, your home, your backyard, making a positive difference in YOUR community, helping others. Rome was not built in a day, as some may say & you cannot reach a different destination overnight. You can change your direction though, your attitude, the way you treat others, … Continue reading Evolution.

The Undertones.

Subliminal messages are all around us.. they don't have to be spoken out loud even to leave an impact. Stop letting others drain you, some will leave you dry to the bone without a second thought. Don't let hate & fear be a driving force... let passion & heart be your biggest motivator. You are … Continue reading The Undertones.


When you meet someone you feel like you've known your entire life. Doesn't happen every day. Be thankful for it & don't take it for granted. I've met some beautiful souls in my lifetime. We may talk all the time... we may rarely catch up and it's as though we never skipped a beat no … Continue reading Connections.

The Identity Puzzle.

If I was to ask you the most simple yet complex question about yourself, would you be able to answer it.. Who are you? Now, your first inkling may be to say your name, where you're from perhaps, maybe even where you live... but I'm not talking about that... You may then move to your … Continue reading The Identity Puzzle.

Rock The Vote.

Peace ultimately starts with you. It's not about being black or white, Christian or Muslim, etc. there's a certain level of humanity one must have (or I would hope one would have). There's a certain level of morality I wish some would look for when searching for their next leader whether it be presidential, your … Continue reading Rock The Vote.