Hello WordPress, My Old Friend- I’ve Come To Share With You Again..

It’s amazing how one doesn’t realize how much they miss the rain until one goes without for so long. I’ve started and stopped writing so many times over the past 2 and a half years, it’s unreal. The draft box looks like a stew if you will, a goulash of unfinished paragraphs & ideas, hopes & realizations. As I sit here tonight, the rain eases the soul, in a way a lullaby soothes a small child. Living in NV, it doesn’t rain like here in KY- I miss it. The cleansing of the Earth & mind, the melody of the elements, one of nature’s symphonies…

Suppose I should take it back a few steps, years, who’s really counting? February, 2020- I began working for an amazing company (I still do). May, 2020- in the thick of the pandemic, promoted to a larger account out west. My husband (we got hitched- believe I left that out), two furbabies, & myself set out less than a week post word. The goodbyes were few and far in between. Hindsight is always 20/20, but it’s really disappointing to look back at how fast it all went. My grandfather had passed shortly before spring, most everyone had grave concerns (at least family) about meeting during the pandemic- so little was known other than how it was affecting those most at risk. Everyone had become so isolated, leaving didn’t seem like a big deal at the time. From where I stand now, it was life changing though. Two weeks into the move, started the MBA program at NKU. Buckled down and off I went, spent the next year grinding out every brain cell I had between 50-60 hour work weeks and studying in between. Hellbent on finishing in a year – lots of sacrifices were made. The days were long but the year passed quickly. Graduating with honors May 8th, 2021 with my parents by my side- forever a highlight of my existence. The work continued, life moved on as it does.

Life hasn’t slowed down since. To my understanding, it rarely does again, unless one takes it upon themself to do so. So, here’s to that- here’s to coming back to oneself. As much as 2022 has been a substantial year of growth professionally, personally it’s been one of the most challenging years of my life. Hoping to create a balance, come back to center, at least a smidge. Life is far too short for us not to.

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