What’s in a Name?

Most of my roots can be found between Brandenburg all the way to Georgetown in my old Kentucky home. I-64 and I have been the best and worst of friends over the years as my entire life as been spent traveling it East to West. The other part of my roots lie in a country I unfortunately have not had the luxury of going to: Egypt. Mark my words, I will be making it there sooner than later *fingers crossed*

Growing up, I had the best of two different cultures.. On Mom’s side, I rarely missed a Sunday in church (we were there every time the doors were open), sweet tea was a daily staple, and there was never a day that went by that I didn’t see my grandparents (they literally light up my life). With Dad, there was never a dull moment, he sparked my love of travel and adventures at a young age teaching me to always make the best out of every opportunity given and live each day as if it were my last.

The Southern Egyptian was once a comment I had made describing myself to a friend of mine when describing my two favorite types of food: Southern down-home fixins’ and Egyptian cuisine.

I’ve had the desire to do a blog for some time now but could not decide for the life of me what I wanted to specifically focus on. Then one day this past week I had an epiphany that: the sky is the limit and whatever comes to mind is what will be.

I once read: Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters.

Here’s to that. May we do just that & create a ripple effect proactively making a positive difference in our lives and those around us.

Positive energy & negative energy are both contagious. Choose wisely.

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