Confessions of an Online Shopping Queen


As someone who’s been an avid online shopper, there’s a couple sites that will either save you more money or give you cash back for purchasing through their websites. No matter how you choose to see it, that’s automatically more money to shop with in the long haul.


They have everything from Kate Spade to to Kohl’s and then some. While I may not shop as frequently as I used to online is still my go to and that’s where Ebates comes in. I’ve made back over $250 in checks from Ebates in just the past couple years. I have friends who shop much more avidly than me and they’ve been sent back much more.

It works as simple as you typing in the store you wish to shop and once you find it, it will give you how much of a percentage back you get on purchases. Sometimes they have promo codes for additional discounts and free shipping as well. You click on the link and continue shopping as you once were. They have promo codes as well for inviting your friends and family to join as well. My link is below if you’re interested in checking it out.

Ebates Referral Link

retail me not

Can’t find the discount you’re looking for on Ebates and tired of surfing the web for discounts??? Retail Me Not has you covered. There’s no strings attached, no personal information to input, nada. You simply go to the site and type in the store you’re looking for and you have all the available discounts that have been loaded for that store, followed by expiration dates and whether other consumers such as yourself voted it working or not.

In recent times, they have moved into’s territory by offering consumers a free account in which you can earn cash back by shopping through them but I have not tried it. This is not mandatory to find store discount codes on their site.

Retail Me Not

There are tons of sites to which you can check out to find online shopping deals through, why not check out two of most reliable?

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