Once You Go Veggie Pasta, You Never Go Back.

Once you go veggie you never go back. I can’t believe I just uttered those words. I used to be the biggest pasta fiend you guys. I’m talking pasta bolognese, spaghetti, chili, pasta carbonara, literally all the things pasta. But after giving it up for a while in yet another attempt to go low carb, I went back to my pasta self and here came the bloating, here came the all the icky feels & it wasn’t an out of this world portion- I didn’t overdo it with the cayenne pepper- it just didn’t sit well and it hasn’t in months.

The only pasta I had found I liked was Einkhorn pasta from Young Living then @healthdoll.co kept posting all of these amazing dishes with @cybelesfreetoeat this sweet soul sent me a variety pack to try to get started & it has completely changed out pasta game in the best of ways.

No dairy. No peanuts. No eggs. No treenuts. No wheat. No fish. No soy. No shellfish.

Just all veggie goodness with 25 grams of plant based protein per serving and more than one serving of veggies per serving.

Can you honestly say that you get all your veggie servings in daily?

I haven’t in the past but I am actively working to do that daily now. Because my body is worth it & so is yours. Picture numero 2 is my spin on Chicken Madiera with the Superfood White formula. Literally all of the noms. Recipe is in my Real Food Instastory Series.

Grab your Cybele’s Superfood Veggie Pasta here

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