Everything Zen.

My happy place is a dark place. A place where the lights flicker on & off for anywhere from 45-60 minutes. A place where I can leave everything at the door. That’s right… the good, the bad, the uncertain… all at the door. A place where I can open my mind, inhale goodness, exhale the The extremities that can make their way into our lives from time to time. A place where I can get completely in my zone, when I’m typically trying to live beyond it, with over 25 other people doing the same thing in their own way. This place is spin..

CycleYou Lexington

For the obvious reason of high intensity cardio aside, considering I loathe running with a passion, I give it all I’ve got for almost an hour. I work to beat the woman I was yesterday. It’s intense, it’s non-stop from start to finish, it’s like certain moments in our life. And when it’s over, I am at complete peace with myself. I feel centered. I feel zen.

As it is with life, it’s your time, it’s your ride…. and this is mine.

CycleBar at The Summit at Fritz Farm

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