Rock The Vote.

Peace ultimately starts with you. It’s not about being black or white, Christian or Muslim, etc. there’s a certain level of humanity one must have (or I would hope one would have). There’s a certain level of morality I wish some would look for when searching for their next leader whether it be presidential, your senator, your representative etc.

The separation of church and state was declared years ago. How you treat others, speak of others, etc says more about you then it does about them. While we’re all guilty of this to some degree, the people we elect to power in our great country no matter the color of their skin, no matter their religious decree must have a greater understanding that they’re not just leading a country of one, they’re leading a country of many: many races, many religions, many languages, many backgrounds, many opinions.

As the congressional races are inching closer this year: it’s more than the typical pro-choice vs not debate, it’s more than gun control. It’s so much more than your party affiliation. While those are a small yet big piece of the intricate puzzle that is at hand to some don’t be blinded by the trees when you’re already in a massive forest.

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