The Identity Puzzle.

If I was to ask you the most simple yet complex question about yourself, would you be able to answer it..

Who are you?

Now, your first inkling may be to say your name, where you’re from perhaps, maybe even where you live… but I’m not talking about that…

You may then move to your career, what you do for a living or perhaps what you’re in the process of studying in college… but I’m not talking about that either….

You may then move to you are so in such’s significant other… I’m not talking about your relationship status.

What if I asked you more simply to give me five adjectives to describe yourself & why you feel that way… would you know then?

More often than not we get hung around the axle and rely on mass media, people in our social circle, advertising etc in some sort of facet to help mold ourselves into who we think we are. This happens often in a think less manner in which we still don’t make it a point to get to know ourselves outside of external influences. Self-exploration is pertinent part of a healthy relationship with yourself.

I’ve dissected myself to the core for as long as I can remember. I often call the different stages in my life “past lives” as I no longer relate/am the person I used to be (to some degree). Every stage of my life has demanded a different version of me. I’m talking ideals, expectations, goals to a degree, likes, dislikes etc.

I used to think to myself about how much I changed, when it was really that I evolved and grew more into myself. I’ve always believed human beings are like onions in the sense that we have different layers of ourself. Not everyone knows/deserves to know you to the core, but it’s so important that you know that for yourself.

Friends come and go as do lovers, career choices, likes, dislikes, etc. Hopefully family is a constant, but one must always be able to live with yourself and to do this, it’s so much more helpful to know oneself.

Navy Pier- Chicago, IL

It’s most definitely a journey, not necessarily a destination as we are constantly evolving.. But if you trust the process and start asking yourself these questions, you will find the other areas of your life to fall into place more, rather than struggle to make them be that one puzzle piece you’ve been missing all along…

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