DIY Face Serum.

Did you know that you can reuse your empty Young Living oil bottles after they’re empty?

Yep & I do all the time. Typically the rollers you see me making are for friends, family, etc to share roller blends and samples with. For myself, I recycle all the oil bottles I run out of (there’s quite a few👀) & I make my daily blends in them.

That little aroma fitment and top that came with your starter kit is built for whatever oil you run out of first and they’re available on your Young Living account to purchase in a 10 pack.

Today I whipped up my DIY Face Serum I ran out of & thought I’d share my recipe.

🌿 10 drops Young Living Lemon (I’ve also used Tea Tree in it’s place)-it has amazing cleansing properties

🌿15 drops Young Living Frankincense- skin rejuvenating

🌿10 drops Young Living Lavender- it’s soothing & calming for the skin

🌿10 drops Young Living Patchouli- it’s calming, woodsy in scent, & has great skin properties

🌿5 drops Young Living Copaiba (Google Copaiba the properties are ENDLESSLY AMAZING for one’s skin & body)

🌿Top 15 ml glass bottle with Young Living V6 carrier oil

🌿Shake & ready to smooth those eye lines & WTF lines on the forehead.

I use this every morning & every evening daily & it has done wonders for my skin🦄 I seriously wish I had a before & after👀🙌🏽

Do something today that your future self will thank you for🌿

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