The past few days have been a whirlwind and while I have so much I’d like to write, I’ll start with this… for now.

People will always find a way to do the things or see the people they hold near and dear to them. Life’s busy and I used to hide behind that busy badge as much if not more than the next person but it’s all a bunch of bull.

Truth be told I’ve over-committed to things that looking back have no bearing on where I am today and people that I over invested for that were simply meant to be there for various seasons of my life (I don’t regret being kind just simply overdoing it and giving too much of myself in the process).

I’ve overcommitted to jobs that I thought would be life long careers that I will simply say.. they didn’t turn out what I thought to be to put it gently.

In the same token, I’ve under committed to certain opportunities and people that should have had 150% of my attention and time in certain facets.

In my soapbox spill today, ask yourself what your real priorities are, find people that are running with you not against you, live your life with such a purpose and passion that you can determine the real from the distractions that get you off track & most importantly find a way rather than an excuse to make those priorities actually happen. Because there will legit come a day where it is too late. Folks including myself love to run around and say “it’s never too late”, but there will come a day when we have ran out of time. It’s the one commodity we cannot buy more of with money or other resources. It’s a harsh reality that most of us realize far too late.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from this week, someday is a day that’s never going to happen. We this moment, this hour, this day and it’s a damn shame it takes someone close to you falling ill for one or more people to make those priorities more of a reality than they are.

The past year and 8 months I’ve been focused on intentional living more so than I ever have in my entire existence and there’s not one day that goes by that I regret making that move🗝

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