First Year Garden Lessons.

First year garden lessons by an ex-black thumb that’s still not graduated to a green thumb.

Only plant a TON of what you’re ready to eat daily. I was not prepared for the amount of cucumbers that came in let alone the fact that they grow outward & are extremely territorial, wrapping around everything in its path to continue to thrive. Is attack of the organic cucumbers a movie yet? Here’s to a 3 day juice cleanse on deck… I need it after how I ate this weekend🤷🏽‍♀️🙌🏽😂

Make sure you have enough space for everything you plant. We over-planted like whoa😳. Didn’t leave enough space for everything and when the instructions said plant 2-3 seeds per whole I planted 5-6 because I was convinced that they wouldn’t make it. I have no idea why.

Germinate when the back of the packet suggests it. I was so focused on our inside herb garden that I was convinced we could plant the peppers and tomatoes, let’s be honest, absolutely everything was fine to be planted outside as an organic seed alone. Since our Kentucky weather was crazytown until the end of April we didn’t even plant til May. Talk about a delay in growth based on planting late and not germinating.

Weed often & weed well. We thought that we had something growing in one of our troughs that was a weed unlike anything I’ve seen. It seriously tried to take over. It was awful. We didn’t know because we didn’t label everything outside as we did inside.

Label your garden. Seems like no-brainer but yeah we didn’t😂 so therefore we’ve been waiting to be pleasantly surprised

Regardless of what went right or wrong, it’s been such a fun project to watch these vegetables grow from seeds to full grown. We still have much of the summer and fall to come to see what happens next in our first year garden saga. Stay tuned for that😉

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