The Soap Chronicles.

Exactly one year ago was the last time I bought soap up until our Amazon Prime shipment came in yesterday.

13 months ago I joined YL. Slowly but surely I made small changes- transfer buying the things I spent years buying at Bath & Body Works, Victoria’s Secret & Target. YL is an essential oils turned wellness company with over 25 years of expertise- their quality is unmatched to anyone else.

09.17 I bought three 32 oz. bottles of Dr. Natural’s Unscented Castile Soap from Amazon for $10.19 a bottle + free shipping… little under $32 bucks total. I tossed all the fragrance-filled handsoaps, body washes, cleaners (replaced all my cleaners with one cleaning product- Thieves), etc & set out to make our own.

In all of five minutes at the most I can make any of the above & then some. Not only has this saved me time & gobs of money, but we now have a healthier home.

By adding a capful of Castile soap to my Thieves cleaner blend (capful of Thieves/topping the rest off with distilled water) I can clean every single surface in my house (it took 10 months for us to use one bottle of Thieves Cleaner Concentrate but that’s a story for another time then)

Combine a capful of Thieves, 1/3 of 8 ounce glass bottle of Castile soap, one T of olive oil top with distilled water and you have handsoap. Easily swap the Thieves cleaner for your favorite Young Living Essential Oils as you wish.

These are just a couple examples off hand of the possibilities. There’s seriously tons.

The recipe I used above for my new body wash is 1/3 an 8 oz glass bottle of Castile soap, one pump carrier oil (coconut, V6 or jojoba are among my favs) 20 drops Elemi- cleansing, in the same family as Frankincense, and amazing for all things skin- & 15 drops Eucalyptus Globulus- perfect for breathing this time of year & invigorating for morning showers🙌🏽

If you haven’t looked into green washing, it’s a real thing & for years I thought I was using “natural” products all because it was labeled as such. Research those ingredients- I guarantee most of which are synthetically made therefor anything but natural.

Knowing is half the battle, doing better because of it is the other half.

Ready To Start Your Oily Journey? Click Here For All The Details 🌱

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