Mind Body Spirit.

Setting aside as little time as 5-10 minutes a day every day to meditate has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

It sets me up for a successful day, clears my mind of any fog or haziness and allows to me relax.

Sacred Mountain is one of my favorite oils to diffuse while doing so. It’s earthy in scent and an emotionally grounding oil.

Some days I forget this based on morning rushes, getting busy and other time killers that put a strain on us… I can almost immediately feel the difference if not then most definitely by midday. The haziness is real.

Those 5-10 minutes help set me up for a successful day every day that I’m consistently doing so.

Consistently building good habits will set you up for success just as consistently building not so good habits will set you up for less. You are the deciding factor in that.

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