That One Tree.

You ever wake up in the morning… bogged down by the things you reveled in the night before? You know those thoughts that you’ve spent all day without and yet before you as you lay down at night make themselves present?

Every night I go to sleep, I fully intend on getting all the winks I can. As I lay down, my mind tends to race and just like that all 1,452 things I was trying to put off to tomorrow come in. We all have moments like that I’m sure. I used to be this BIG TIME over thinker. I worried quite a bit about things that were completely out of my control and discovered through that I wasn’t really trusting God like I thought I was.

I’ve always been more spiritual than religious. When I was really little I was in church every time the doors were open (not really by choice). Somewhere along the way, I woke up to find we were all just humans, thankful for Jesus’s grace but I felt as though some tended to forget how we were saved (His grace not our own or lack there of). I gave up church every Sunday and turned to YouTube & other video outlets to get my church fix here and there.

While some may struggle there, I’ve always struggled with putting my worry on the shelf. That’s something to a degree I’m still working on today. Every day I remind myself, I may not have this, but Jesus has my back & we got this.

Some days, I’m completely free-spirited, throwing caution to the wind, feeling like I’m living my best life or darn close to it. Others, I’m more calculated & over critical of myself. I tend to think about where I’ve been, versus where I am, compared to where I wish to be based on goals I’ve made for myself. Those days I mentally wear myself out. Those days are the ones where I forgot to meditate that morning, my chats with Jesus were an afterthought and I tell myself it’s okay because I just got busy.

Over the years I’ve come to realize I used to wear busy like this huge badge of honor and while I’ve been working to shed that over the past year and some change, I’m not completely there yet.

The point I’ve been dancing around this whole time gives life to this post in that sometimes we get so hung up on this one tree, we lose sight of the forest behind it. We forget that what we’ve been staring at is a minute piece of the whole picture. As humans, we tend to build this entire outlook around what we currently see and that’s clouded my judgment on more than one occasion.

Stop thinking about that one or multiple things you’ve got going on. Simply let go and let God.

Get past that one tree.. there’s so much more out there than originally meets the eye.

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