Knowing Better is Half The Battle.

Honestly, I didn’t used to know. Before, for years and years, I didn’t pay attention. I had gone “all-natural” years ago, so I thought. With my Aveeno Naturals line and Platnium status at Ulta that I had gotten based on my premium sulfate-free shampoo & conditioner, “all-natural” face masques and skin serums, I thought I was doing great. Seriously, NO ONE could tell me anything about it. I was confident in my day to day living and routines.

The candles, the air fresheners, the dryer sheets, shampoos and conditioners, the body wash, the lotions, the soaps, the toothpaste, the dish soap, the laundry detergent, makeup . Literally ALL THE THINGS, MY EVERYDAY THINGS.

I didn’t know they were filled with chemicals that caused cancer. & fertility issues (while I’m not there yet, it’s something to think about). And asthma. And our disrupted endocrine systems. And our gut health, causing allergies & eczema. I seriously, just didn’t know.

But when I did know, I slowly started replacing it all.

Not over night.

Not even in a month or two.

Slowly. Little by little.

I started with cleaners and toothpaste and deodorant. Then with my face products, shower gels, & hair care. Then switched out my dryer sheets and detergents. And finally my makeup, I just switched that over (that was the hardest one for me to give up after using the same products for almost 10 years).

Literally baby steps.

I did it because I am worth it. And you are worth it. Your babies are worth it. Your furbabies are worth it. Your family is worth it. ALL our families are worth it.

if👏🏽you👏🏽are👏🏽not👏🏽outraged, you👏🏽are👏🏽not👏🏽paying👏🏽attention.

If you’ve read that, and are now outraged. I LEGIT know the feeling.

switch. them. out. If you’re overwhelmed on where to start, reach out. no judgement from me. I was you, just a year ago 💛💛💛 I get it.

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