Rutavala on my wrists, back of my neck & big toes for sleep because let’s be honest I should already be asleep right now.

Unshakeable for my soul.

Last year, I vowed that above all else, that I would keep my spiritual cup full.

DECLUTTER has been my word of this year & the first thing that came to mind this year was decluttering anything that stood between me & Jesus.

It’s really been hitting home lately though. Peeling back the layers of myself. The good, the not so good, & the parts of me deep down that I used to put away deep in a box and thrown on the top shelf of my brain- so deep that 99% of the time- I forgot it was there. That 1% though, it was a driving force- pushed me to be resilient, pushed me to live in the moment & not take anything for granted & also angered me to the point of resentment, hurt, fear of missing out, anxiety, regret & a whole lot more.

The what is not important- it’s that for the first time in my life I’m in the process of truly letting it all go. On the surface I’ve been letting go for a long time, relationships, career choices that I knew it was time to move on from, material items- gosh that’s an easy one.

You know what’s hard?

Letting things go- you never knew you held onto.

It’s a process, I’m learning, I’m stumbling forward but I’m grateful for His unwavering grace & for being with me all along the way.

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